Desert Dry Hair

Mar 15, 2020 | Hair Salon News

Dry hair is a common problem when living in the desert, and the winter is just as brutal on your hair as the summer.

The most common problems people face with their hair during the winter are static, breakage, dry scalp/dandruff and excessive split ends.

Have no fear, Salon Dushons is here! We have numerous treatments designed and customized especially for you to target and treat whatever hair problem you may be having.

Our stylists are experienced and trained in diagnosing hair/scalp issues that can cause any number of problems.

We have several options from deep conditioning, reconstructing, dandruff removal, detoxifying, nourishing dry hair/tight scalp, and energizing to promote hair growth and even replumping treatments to hydrate hair at the core.

Come in for your free hair consultation any time or book your hair treatment appointment today.